How to use Pictoshirt

Easy! No need to install anything. Phone (android or iPhone/iPad) and browser (chrome or safari) are all you need.

QR-Code Games 
Scan the QR-codes to play the game or find the solution.

  • iPhone/iPad (iOS 11): Open the camera and point it towards the QR-Code
  • Android: Use our QR Scanner at or any of the free QR-code scanning apps at the Android Store.

Augmented Reality Games

  • Scanning the QR-code will open a pictoshirt page which will activate the experience when you point your phone to the pictoshirt design.
  • For the phone to detect the design on the t-shirt, light conditions must be even.¬†Avoid reflections, light that is too bright or too dim. Avoid excessive wrinkles and distortions in the fabric of the t-shirt.
  • Use phones with good memory and CPU power for the experience to be smooth and fast.
  • We currently offer the tiger AR product and more will be coming soon!
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